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Original Contract A-2s
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USAAF Type A-2, 42-18775-P By Aero Leather Clothing

Pattern taken from a number of original 1942 jackets in our archives
Talon Zipper
Squared Pocket Corners
Olive Drab Stitching
Cotton Lining
Wool Knit
Ring Studs

The USAAF Type A2 leather flying jacket was undoubtedly the most popular garment ever issued to aviators. First standardised 9th May 1931, it became a classic during its long service life and remained in use in every theatre of operations until long after WWII, despite discontinuation in April 1943.

This, the final WW2 Aero contract Type A-2, has styling, detailing, stitch patterns and label that are facsimiles of the original by Aero Leather Clothing, Beacon, NY. This Type A-2 is fitted with a high grade Japanese made WW2 replica Talon zipper and is cut from the original WW2 patterns made by Aero Leather Clothing of Beacon NY.

Our current incarnation of this famous jacket is cut from the original WW2 patterns made by Aero Leather Clothing of Beacon NY. This contract is virtually identical to the 42-15142-P Type A-2. The original paper patterns taken from dismantled WW2 jackets way back at the start of of our A-2 production have been checked across the whole size spectrum. We've also checked gaps in our original WW2 paper archive patterns by dismantling a few more wrecked original jackets and taking exact patterns from these, bottom line, after checking and amending the entire grading from 34" to 52", we can guarantee that our current 42-18775-P fits identically to the equivalent WW2 issue jacket.

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