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Jarrow Marcher Boots Danite Sole Brown

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Last year we reintroduced our version of the classic early 20th Century man's working boot, the type worn across the Globe before WW2, made famous by such diverse and legendary characters as Charlie Chaplin and The Jarrow Marchers.

These were only available with a full leather sole, as were virtually all the originals back in the 20’s and 30’s. Many customers asked for a rubber sole version, and, while we want to stay true to the period, we do understand that a rubber or composite sole has become far more popular that the more traditional leather sole.

The compromise, if it is a compromise, was to use a British sole that was available “back in the day”, the classic Danite sole was our choice. Danite were founded in 1894 and the sole we use was introduced in 1910. The optional sole is fitted to a proper Goodyear welt, the boot is fully leather lined boot, made from high grade Horween Chrome Tanned Steerhide and crafted in Northampton in the traditional manner, maybe not with the cobbler working with a mouth full of tacks and a last between his knees as would have been the case before "Elfin Safety" but made as close as possible to the original 20th Century version.

While everyone knows Charlie Chaplin, the Jarrow Marchers might not be so well known outside The UK. In 1936, a group 200 men from Jarrow marched the 300 miles to London to present a petition to Parliament, asking the government for work, as the shipyard in Jarrow had closed down in the previous year leaving local unemployment at 70%.

Period photos show that almost every last man wore a pair of boots like these; it's in their honour that we remember these fine men in the naming of our boots.

NOTE: The boots are made out of leather which is a natural product where some markings can occur. Although the boots are pieced together to the highest quality some natural blemishes may be shown.