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Harris Tweed Trousers Green Herringbone

Low Stock

Aero are proud to continue our long association with Harris Tweed, one of Scotland's most prestigious cloths. Since we first started making leather jackets over 30 years ago we've offered Harris Tweed as a lining option.

These trousers are a throwback from the 1930s, we've used a traditional vintage pattern with a loose cut, high fish tail back, button fly, buttons for braces and turnups, of course. We've made a small concession to the modern world by half lining the legs for comfort.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION RE ORDERING THE CORRECT SIZE IN TRADITIONAL TROUSERS - To achieve the correct look and vintage style fit these are best worn with braces and worn a size larger than one would wear jeans or modern trousers.
To ensure the perfect fit please measure your "true waist" That's around the stomach just below the belly button, that measurement is the size to order as that is where the waist of these trousers sit. Go up a size rather than down if you've got an in between measurement
Please do not rely on ordering you usual "Jean Size". Jeans tend to be worn lower slung than traditional cut trousers therefore it's important that your waist is measured where the waist of the trousers will sit.To achieve the correct look and vintage style fit these are best worn with braces and worn a size larger than one would wear jeans or modern trousers. They are lower in the crotch than modern trousers and should not be worn crumpled at the ankle. Ideal inside leg length is 30" for a height of 5'8"/5'9", inside leg of 32" for a height of 5'10"/5'11" and an inside leg of 34" for a height of 6'/6'1".

If we don't have the correct inside leg and should you require a shorter length than we have in stock please order a longer pair and indicate the length you require in the "Special Instruction" box. We will have your trousers shortened for no extra charge

The story of Harris Tweed is the story of a remote island community that lies between the Highlands of Scotland on the North West tip of Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean. There is a link to a wonderful short film about the history of the cloth at the foot of this page

For centuries the islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra have woven the magical cloth known the World over as Harris Tweed, or Clo Mhor as it is known in the original Gaelic- 'The big cloth', a stunning and practical cloth made entirely by hand. As the Industrial Revolution reached Scotland, the mainland turned to mechanisation but the Outer Islands retained their traditional processes. Lewis and Harris had long been known for the excellence of the weaving done there, but up to the middle of the nineteenth century; the cloth was produced mainly for home use or for a purely local market.

Around the turn of the 20th century production increased greatly when the primitive small looms were gradually replaced by the improved "fly-shuttle" loom originally imported from Galashiels....... so it's appropriate that Aero continues to use the cloth in Galashiels.

Today the Islanders stand firm against the mass production and the "values" of a throw away society that threatens all hand crafted products such as Harris Tweed, the original definition of which read "A tweed, hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed by the crofters and cottars in the Outer Hebrides".

Similarly we at Aero will always stand firm against mass production alongside our Highland brethren....Aero and Harris Tweed, a marriage built in tradition and in quality.

Harris Tweed - A Romantic History